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The new Paleo Diet is all about everyday foods the emulate the same food categories of the pre-agricultrual ancestors which we all descended from. Dr. Loren Cordain is the world’s up and coming expert on the Paleolithic Diet and the Founder of the Paleo Movement.

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He describes this program of eating in his best selling THE PALEO DIET and THE PALEO DIET COOKBOOK which has aided thousands of people just like you to eat for better health and weight loss. By adhering to the diet we humans were genetically designed to eat: such as fresh fruits, fish, meats, nuts, vegetables and some other foods we can supercharge this Paleo Diet for the best lifelong health and also reduce the risk of chronic illnesses that invade our lives.

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To compete and be your best and attain your peak performance in life use the Paleo Diet to become a Paleo athlete.

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